DIY Rope Basket Planter

DSCN0511I’ve been itching to replant this little tree for a while. I’ve had it in a small shallow planter since I got it two years ago and I’m hoping that with a roomier home, he’ll grow into a bigger tree. So I started browsing about for some planter possibilities and I really liked the idea of a basket. But largish baskets aren’t exactly cheap–especially when you have hunt down a liner to go inside them too, so when I found the perfect size plastic planter (on clearance) I scooted on over to Home Depot and picked up some rope and warmed up my hot glue gun.

DSCN0395I used about one and a half of those rolls of rope and a whole lot of hot glue. So make sure you’ve got plenty of back up. DSCN0399DSCN0407Start at the very bottom, then wrap your little heart out. It probably took me about 30 minutes to complete. At the very bottom I used quite a bit of glue to ensure that it would stick, but then went a little lighter as I went up the planter. Plus my fingers were getting tired. 🙂DSCN0510And viola! Cute planter on the cheap!


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