Reading Lately

I’ve been reading like a maniac lately. And some good stuff too! So let me tell you about it.

thumb.phpMe Before You by Jojo Moyes
I saw Me Before You on a summer reading list a while ago and I loved the cover, so I put it on hold at my local library. I barely skimmed the summary so I all I knew was that it was a romance of some sort. I wasn’t really expecting much from it, but man was it good. And man was it a tear. jerker. I’m pretty sure I sobbed though most of the last third of the book. The synopsis goes like this. Nice blue-collar girl loses her coffee shop job, takes job as a companion for a cranky 30-something quadriplegic. Ends up falling in love with said quadriplegic, no surprise there. But I’m telling you, you’ve got to read. It will make you think. And it will make you cry. And you will love it.

ISD StyleOutlander Series (Books 2-4) by Diana Gabaldon

My mom’s been a huge fan of these books for decades. I’ve read the first one a few times and it’s a pretty delicious read, but for some reason I never mustered up the energy to read any of the following books—and they’re a pretty serious commitment at 900+ pages. But after seeing my mom devour one on a weekend road trip earlier this summer, I decided I should probably dive back in. I started with the second installment, Dragonfly in Amber then followed with Voyager and Drums of Autumn. And finished each of them in about a week or so—serious page turners, I’m tellin’ ya! So here’s the deal: Claire accidentally goes back in time from the 1940’s to 18th century Scotland. Meets and falls in love with a super hunky Scot and adventure ensues over several decades and thousands of pages. It’s the perfect mix of historical fiction, romance, drama and just the tiniest bit of sci-fi. Oh and there’s a Starz series based on the first book coming out this month!

TOAO_100 1 3 (2)The One and Only by Emily Giffin
I love Emily Giffin, she’s very possibly my favorite author. I can always count on her for fun, easy-reading, good-quality chick lit. And I was sure that I would love her new book, after all I’ve zipped through all her others in just a few days. But it was just meh. It was about a sports writer in a football town in Texas—romances with a former college football player, a pro football player and a football coach (who is also her best friend’s dad…ew). It wasn’t bad and there were lots of good parts and as always the characters were wonderful. But there were also lots of parts about football, like pages describing plays and games. So if you love chick lit and you love football, you will love this book. But if your favorite thing about football is chilly fall weather and crock pot dips…then it might leave a bit to be desired.


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