Living Room Plans

Slide1Oh my living room!  I get so excited when I think about decorating it. For the most part it’s a blank slate–well actually its a burnt orange slate with a sad slip-covered love seat and beautiful new floor lamp.

So here’s the story: When I signed the lease for my apartment I though that the accent wall was going to be a steely blue. Then I got the keys and skipped into my beautiful new apartment then just about lost my lunch when I saw the behemoth that was my new ORANGE accent wall. I’m not an orange girl. I’m a cool-colors-black-and-white-accented-with-BRIGHTS type of girl. The warm, burnt orange was not me.

Easy fix: I’ll paint! Well…my landlord told me I couldn’t. Psh who listens to their landlord: I’ll do it anyway! Well then my dad (who happens to apparently like burnt orange) came to help me move and convinced me that painting really wasn’t a very good idea. He also pointed out my love of all things fall and if that wall is anything it is a fall color. So I started to come around to the wall. And now that I’m a few weeks in I actually kind of like the wall. Okay. I really like the wall. It’s so cozy and man it is going to look FABULOUS with all the pumpkins that will be living in my apartment in a few short weeks.

So, as you can see above in my nifty little “color story” I’m going to go with a plum-y purple and burnt orange scheme with just the subtlest of green accents–mostly in the form of house plants. 
I had every intention of purchasing myself a new, adult couch from a real, grown up furniture store. Then I bought a car. So my couch purchase is on hold for a few more months. But the good news is that gives me more time to plan and shop and dream.

I was set on a gray sectional. And I found one that I loved but of course it was way over priced and had really questionable online reviews (I wrote this. Then I went to find the link for sofa and discovered it’s now 40% off…not so over priced now. Strokes chin contemplatively.) But a smallish sectional is still at the top of my list. Here’s the thing–I’m just one person and I live alone (bliss) so I feel like I shouldn’t have more than one piece of furniture to sit on. Is that weird? #girlcode.

Last weekend my mom got me a new floor lamp for birthday–which does wonderful things for the space already. Anyhow, on the box there was a picture of the lamp beside an oversize cream chair with a matching ottoman. It was calling out to me. So I’ve thrown the possibility of a couch and oversize chair combo into the mix. 

pillowsPillows. My favorite home decor item. Of all time. They’re fluffy, versatile, affordable and did I mention fluffy? I have the three on the bottom already and the two on top would round out my color scheme nicely while adding texture for visual interest. (<— that’ s lingo I use at my part-time retail job to make customers thing I know what I’m talking about. Shh…don’t tell.)
UntitledRefer back to the layouts above for just a second. See with the sectional I have a round coffee table with a floor pouf. I stole the idea from Inspired by Charm. I just love it. And Target has these fab poufs just spilling all over the place. They would make nice extra seating (because you know I have more than seven people at my apartment ALL THE TIME…) or a good foot rest. AND it’s like a mini dining room table (appropriate only for 20-somethings of course. Don’t worry I’ll get a real table sometime in the next seven years.)

Phew, I can hardly believe you made it through all that. *HIGH FIVE* Do you have any thoughts, or suggestions about my living room plans? Tell me! Tell me please! Did you just look at the pictures and skip all the ramblings? It’s okay I do it too. 😉


3 thoughts on “Living Room Plans

  1. I LOVE your plan! And I want to see this wall. I had a similar experience when I learned my new apartment, which I did not get to tour, was covered in wood paneling in every room except the bathroom. It’s been a fun decorating challenge and it really has grown on me like you with the orange. I can’t wait to see the finished product! Ps- get the sectional. Best decision I ever made 🙂

  2. My vote is for the couch, chair, and ottoman combo! That corners feels empty with just the sectional. If your chair comes sans ottoman, use a pouf. Just think how cozy that chair would be for a rainy fall afternoon full of chick lits!!

  3. I really like the sectional layout. However, I’m a huge advocate for big comfy chairs. I say if you have enough space you should combine the two! That way you don’t have to choose haha!

    PS – I love your ramblings 😉

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