Bedroom Tour


Welcome to my bright, colorful bedroom–with a door and windows and everything! After living in a studio for a year, I so appreciate an actual bedroom. Plus it’s fun to have another space to decorate and dream about. As much as I love my bedroom, I almost feel as if it doesn’t warrant a tour. There’s not a whole lot of anything new or different from my studio (other than there not being a kitchen table near by) but I thought I’d give you a quick cruise anyway. My desk looks exactly the same as it did in my studio, but now I have a much nicer view (a tree-lined street as opposed to a dated, dingy, textured wall) and the afternoon sunlight is just delightful. 


The only change to my bed is the throw pillow. The lumbar pillow I had in my studio was ripping at one of the seams, so I swapped it out for this guy who used to live on my loveseat. I used my old entry table/storage unit for the bedside tables. They’re the perfect height and I like to have room to keep a few books near my bed. I only kept half of the bookshelf from my studio and after a Half-Priced Books purge (I made $16 #happydance) all my books + office supplies fit snuggly inside.


I’ve since popped my little dorm room TV on top of this shelf (I love watching SATC and Friends in bed), but it remains mostly the same. I picked up a new candle—that smells like fall, but doesn’t have a fall name (see what I did there, I’m sneaky like that)—and tucked it in with a few frames and one of my succulents.

{Sidenote: I did way cooler things–like take pics at Navy Pier and frolic about Dutch sunflower fields–when I was 18 than I do now, so all of my photos are really old}


Ahh…it’s so nice to have a room that comes together just like that (insert air snap) when you move. Disclaimer: I never drink coffee in bed. #bloggerlies

I’ll be sharing my ideas and wish list for the space soon!



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