Bedroom Tour Part II: Plans!

I think this is my favorite part of decorating: updating and refining a room that is already “done”. If I’m being realistic here, by the time I actually get to refining my bedroom, after completing the rest of the things on my To Do and To Decorate list I’ll probably go in an entirely different direction. BUT if I were to update it today (with a rather large budget–because who likes to dream on a realistic budget!?) this is what I would do. bedroom plans

First off, the bed. I love my mix-and-match bedding, but my sheets could use a replacing. They’re a cheap-y set I picked up at TJMaxx and after less than a year they’re already pretty worn.  I want to stick with the fuchsia hue, but maybe go with a subtle print like these ones from PBTeen.

At some point I feel like I should really have headboard. After all, adults have headboards right? I love this simple gray one from West Elm and it would be bomb flanked with matching lamps. These ones from Pier 1 are on sale this month! I think about buying them every time I work.

Ok, let’s shift to my work space now. My little desk that I got for my very first apartment is working nicely, but I’d like to upgrade to a larger Parson’s desk. My current desk chair is adorable, but it has the ugliest cheap metal legs–and it’s not actually all that comfortable. This upholstered chair would complement the headboard nicely and a classic carpenter lamp would be a slightly-masculine touch to my very feminine bedroom.

Black and white is my go-to. For everything. I have black and white dishes, I had black and white bedding forever, and um, have you seen my closet? (well actually you probably haven’t–but there’s not much color in there). And since there’s really no place for it in my living room plans I knew it would be perfect here. Every self-respecting-hip-young-and-trendy furniture supplier has some version of this black and white stripped rug and it would be the perfect replacement for the shaggy gray rug I have now.

And finally that fabulous, oversize leaning mirror. I haven’t found a specific one yet, but I just love the idea of a giant mirror leaning against the wall in place of my teeny one. Tres Chic! (<— please. use a French accent when you read that)



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