Caprese Pasta

DSCN0619There is nothing revolutionary or creative about this recipe. But tried and true spice combos + in-season produce + fresh grated cheese = one deliciously simple dinner. I love pasta but sometimes it seems too heavy for the warmer months (not that it stops me from eating it) so I love to tossing it with fresh veggies and just a smattering of cheese. DSCN0605llI made just one serving, but you could easily make a bigger batch to serve a family or guests. DSCN0609Heat a tablespoon or two of olive oil. Half a handful (about a 1/3 of a pint or so) and toss in the hot olive oil with Italian seasoning, garlic and basil. I had dried on hand, but it would be even better with fresh basil and garlic. While tomatoes are cooking, boil water and cook pasta. Once tomatoes start to wrinkle a bit remove from heat. Toss cooked pasta and just a tish of pasta water with the tomatoes. Transfer to a plate and top immediately, while still hot, with cheese.


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