Summer in Review

Search results for photo (5)Happy (unofficial) First Day of Fall!! If I’m being realistic here fall is still several weeks away in the Midwest, but that didn’t stop me from pulling out all my pumpkin candles and buying a bushel of apples yesterday. BUT before I get ahead of myself and enter into full-on fall frenzy mode, I thought I’d recap my summer. Summer is by no means my favorite season (it might actually be my least fave. I don’t cope well with heat) but I did have a pretty darn good season.


stopped by the farmer’s market (early-on before it was too hot) a few times

visited Nashville with those two lovely ladies

met in the middle (of Tennessee and Iowa) with my family in Grafton

tried a few new summer brews

moved to a fantastic new apartment

had a wonderful long weekend at the lake

spent plenty of weekends relaxing in my hometown

and drank my way through Labor Day Weekend.


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