Living Room Update

DSCN0679Things are happening in my living room. Purple things specifically. A few weekends ago I picked up a sample of plum  paint and boy did that little $3 sample go far. I painted two chairs, three canvases and my gold succulent pots. I also picked up these  floor poufs from Target–love them and two pillows from Pier 1. Then I did some measuring and rearranging. My furniture now lies in the realitive layout of the size of sectional that I want. Now I just have to find it.
DSCN0678I’m still hunting for a couch AND doing/planning/shopping for a slew of other things. I think I have a TV stand nailed down–three 4×4 Kallax shelves with baskets. I’m considering a rug and tossing around the idea of window coverings. I also have a plan to transform my (currently empty) entry area into a foyer/dining nook/additional seating. More on that soon.



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