In My {Fall} Bag

In My {Fall} BagI LOVE  In My Bag posts. Seriously, I can’t get enough of them. I don’t even really know why I love them some much, maybe it’s just my creeper side coming out–wanting to know what other people carry and use day-to-day.  And since I just got a new bag that I love and I’ve gathered and replaced a few fun things inside of it I though I’d share a fall version of In My Bag–heck, maybe I’ll do this every season!

Okay, let’s start with the bag. First I wanted this bag. Like really wanted it. It’s adorable and would probably last until the end of time. But it costs almost as much as my rent. Not practical or even possible really. Then I found this bag. Classic, simple and great quality. Half the price of the first bag, but still quite a splurge. So when I came across this cross-body satchel for a reasonable $54 I was sold! Well actually I left the mall empty-handed and decided if I still wanted it the next day I would come back. So I went on a little mall run pre-Zumba last week. Then spent the entire Zumba class worried that someone stole it out of my car–sometimes I have irrational thoughts like that. But if local newscasters in Des Moines like to talk about anything, they like to talk about theft in gym parking lots.

It’s a wonderful size–comfortably fits my day-to-day essentials with plenty of room to tuck in a snack or book when necessary.


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