Fall Nail Color Lineup

Fall Nail Color

I’ve been trying to minimize my nail polish collection for a long time. I feel like every few months for the past couple of years I’ve purged at least a handful of nail polish bottles, but somehow I still have a ridiculous–albeit less than before–amount of nail polish. So I’ve decided to create a capsule nail polish collection of sorts. I’m going to wear only these five shades for the entire season. I might give it a little refresh in January and perhaps switch out a shade or two, but maybe I can make it all the way until the Spring lineup.
DSCN0754I devised a plan of five shades that should translate easily into other seasons. I chose two neutrals, two colors and a fun shade. I think with these five shades I should be able to satisfy my nail polishing needs with out ending up with a handful of new, barely used colors at the end of the season.

Fun Shade: Zoya Livingston

Dark Color: Julep Judi

Light Color: Essie Fall in Line

Light Neutral: Essie Chinchilly

Dark Neutral: OPI Black Onyx

What colors are you wearing this fall?


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