DIY Fall Door Mat

DSCN8969I‘ve been keeping my eyes peeled for a cute fall door mat for the past few seasons and just haven’t come across one that I loved. First off, there’s really not a huge selection anywhere (which I do NOT understand). And then once I do find them, they tend  to be too fuddy-duddy, or too thick (I don’t want to trip over it) or just not fall-y enough. (According to Pinterest a door mat with a key on it is “fall.” Um. No, Pinterest, it is not.) My solution: A DIY! A Beautiful Mess has a few cute ideas that I started with like this one and this one. I wanted something that was fall, but not in-your-face-fall. And lord knows what would happen if I started free handing pumpkins. I was going for something that looked sort of like leaves, but wasn’t actually leaves and I’m pretty happy with the end result. DSCN8863You’ll need a plain rug (I found this one at Home Depot for less than $10), medium-adhesive painters tape (if you have the blue tape it will do, but the stronger adhesive works better with the rough texture) and a sponge brush (or two). 
DSCN8865I taped off my rug to make oblong parallelograms (?) then sponged the paint on in a random pattern.  I painted most of the space at the top then gradually let up to get the “falling leaves” effect. Be sure to let the paint completely dry before putting it to use. Otherwise you’ll track yellow paint all down your apartment hallway. 🙂 DSCN8976

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