Clever Tees


Raygun | Home T | Hello Apparel 
I’ve had SUCH a hankering for graphic tees lately. I’ve been living in my Home T in public and in a two-sizes-two-small Raygun tee from freshman year in private lately. I want more. so. bad. But I need to stop wearing pithy tees to work and I’m working on the whole being happy with what I have, not spending unnecessary money thing lately. Because I want to buy a couch and maybe condo sometime in the foreseeable (and less foreseeable in regards to the condo) future.

My solution is to blog about all the adorable tees I want to buy instead of actually buying them. Good solution right?! The likelihood of this working is slim…but I’ll keep you updated.

As I mentioned before I seriously heart my Home T. Its so soft, and fits perfect and is long enough to make leggings work appropriate. (Yes–I wear leggings and tees to work and yes–it is questionable, unless I do it on Fridays-Fridays are free-for-alls. Dress Codes are a strong point for me) I want their new home print, because clearly no one yet knows what state I call home.

Raygun is the bom dot com when it comes to being a hip and trendy Des Moines citizen. They’re so darn clever. I saw a little girl wearing the umberella tee at Starbucks a couple Saturdays ago and I was seriously envious. The entire family was sporting Raygun–it was pretty precious.

Even though I’m no longer an Ames resident 😦  I can totally vouch for that shirt. The water is the best. I do miss it.

I’m a sucker for the changing of season and spring blooms and fireflies are singing the tune of warmer days to come. And come on–they’re just too cute.


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