Pillow Talk


I’ve been working on my pillow game. And it’s just not there yet.

I purchased new furniture last month (Happy Birthday to Me!!) and I love it! But the living room as a whole still needs some work. In the past I’ve decorated based on a color scheme and put everything together at one time. Which sort of worked, but also made everything look very matchy-matchy and just not that interesting. So this time around I’m taking it slow with the intent to end up with a more curated look that will–hopefully–better reflect my style and tastes.

007So, back to the pillows. Throw pillows are easily my favorite decor item. They’re affordable, easy to change and comfy! And I have about a million of them. I’ve even started pawning them off on other people. So I knew–at least to start with–that I didn’t need to purchase any new ones (even though I’m DYING for this one). I pulled out all my pillows from the back of the closet and under the bed and picked out a new combo to make it feel fresh. I don’t LOVE them all together, but they’re doing the job for now.

012My biggest challenge (yeah, throw pillow problems #firstworld) is how many pillows to have out. The thing is–I love pillows. The more the better. Sometimes I actually tuck them around myself when I’m lounging on the couch the create a custom cushy nest for myself. But I’ve noticed that the pillows I find so inviting have an opposite effect on guests. Sometimes people seem afraid to move or sit on the pillows, like they don’t want to mess them up or something. And ultimately I want my furniture to be inviting to all! So I’m trying to find a happy medium that satisfies my pillow preferences without scaring my visitors.

009I put the black and white Euro pillows away and moved my fuzzy guy over to the couch. I do like that I can see a little more of my furniture that way. But it might seem a little bare? And I’m still not crazy about the combo.

Have you found the right pillow formula?





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