Reading Lately


The Fair FightThe Fair Fight by Anna Freeman

This was one of those awesome times when I picked up a random book at the library and it was actually good! Most of the time I pick books out based on recommendation from a friend/the internet/wherever, then put them on hold at my local library. When I stray from my usual book selection process, I tend to end up with books that have FANTASTIC covers, but are really terrible. This book was not that!  It was excellent. And I polished it off in just a few sittings. Did you know that lady-boxers were a thing in 18th century France? Yeah I didn’t either. Its like Total Divas circa 1754.  Find it. Read it. Thank me.

Couverture Crocos US

The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles by Katherine Pancol 

Speaking of France, apparently this book was a HUGE sensation there. I read the English translation as I only last two weeks in an elective college French class. I do believe there is sequel, but I’m not seeing any English translation of it yet. Fingers crossed. The book is based on two sisters and a risky scheme they get into together. The story branches off in alot of directions with the sisters’ parents, children and spouses. And man do I love a good, twisty story.


In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume 

I was shocked when I told people I was reading the new Judy Blume book and they looked at me like they’d never heard of Judy Blume. How have you not heard of Judy Blume?!? Um, hello–Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret? Forever? I mean she is a staple on every preteen girls’ bookshelf. And I’ve devoured her adult books years ago. So when I heard rumblings of her new book, I was sure to get on the top of the library’s hold list. And it did not disappoint. She’s just such a good story teller, and knows how to write women.


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