Skincare Routine


One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to take better care of my skin. So I started the year with a new face mask and a commitment to keep my go-to products stocked in my medicine cabinet. And I’ve seen great results! It used to seem like I always had something scary going on somewhere on my face. But in the last year, I’ve only had a few scary spots that lasted for more than a day or two.

I’ve used Clinique’s 3-Step system since high school, but I wasn’t always great about sticking to it. I would run out of one of the products and just skip the step or replace it with a drugstore alternative. And subsequently end up with a new breakout that took weeks to clear up. But since the beginning of the year I’ve stuck to it and had bright, clear skin pretty much everyday. I use the Acne Cleansing bar, Clarifying Lotion 2 and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel.

I’ve also used their acne spot treatment, but since sticking with the 3-steps every morning and night I really haven’t needed it. Anything that pops up is pretty small and goes away within a day or two with just the three steps (and no picking of course!).

In addition to my daily routine, I have a few weekly habits. The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Face Mask is wonderful! I’ve tried alot of different face masks in the last decade and this is easily my favorite. The classic green mask gives an instant cooling and tingly sensation. As it dries it pulls away excess oils and impurities. Once rinsed off my face is always left dewy and fresh looking. It my favorite Sunday night ritual.

You know, I’m not entirely sure how effective Biore strips are over the long term, but there’s SO MUCH instant gratification with them. (And they always give me the nostaligic, warm-fuzzies, reminding me of that scene in Princess Diaries when Mia’s crush Michael shows up at her house)

What are your go-to products?


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