DIY Fall Door Mat

DSCN8969I‘ve been keeping my eyes peeled for a cute fall door mat for the past few seasons and just haven’t come across one that I loved. First off, there’s really not a huge selection anywhere (which I do NOT understand). And then once I do find them, they tend  to be too fuddy-duddy, or too thick (I don’t want to trip over it) or just not fall-y enough. (According to Pinterest a door mat with a key on it is “fall.” Um. No, Pinterest, it is not.) My solution: A DIY! A Beautiful Mess has a few cute ideas that I started with like this one and this one. I wanted something that was fall, but not in-your-face-fall. And lord knows what would happen if I started free handing pumpkins. I was going for something that looked sort of like leaves, but wasn’t actually leaves and I’m pretty happy with the end result. DSCN8863You’ll need a plain rug (I found this one at Home Depot for less than $10), medium-adhesive painters tape (if you have the blue tape it will do, but the stronger adhesive works better with the rough texture) and a sponge brush (or two). 
DSCN8865I taped off my rug to make oblong parallelograms (?) then sponged the paint on in a random pattern.  I painted most of the space at the top then gradually let up to get the “falling leaves” effect. Be sure to let the paint completely dry before putting it to use. Otherwise you’ll track yellow paint all down your apartment hallway. 🙂 DSCN8976


DIY Rope Basket Planter

DSCN0511I’ve been itching to replant this little tree for a while. I’ve had it in a small shallow planter since I got it two years ago and I’m hoping that with a roomier home, he’ll grow into a bigger tree. So I started browsing about for some planter possibilities and I really liked the idea of a basket. But largish baskets aren’t exactly cheap–especially when you have hunt down a liner to go inside them too, so when I found the perfect size plastic planter (on clearance) I scooted on over to Home Depot and picked up some rope and warmed up my hot glue gun.

DSCN0395I used about one and a half of those rolls of rope and a whole lot of hot glue. So make sure you’ve got plenty of back up. DSCN0399DSCN0407Start at the very bottom, then wrap your little heart out. It probably took me about 30 minutes to complete. At the very bottom I used quite a bit of glue to ensure that it would stick, but then went a little lighter as I went up the planter. Plus my fingers were getting tired. 🙂DSCN0510And viola! Cute planter on the cheap!

DIY Gold Potted Succulents

DIY My apartment is garden-level (which is the fancier–and my preferred–term for basement apartments) so that means I have an up-close-and-personal view of my parking lot. I’ve been trying to come up with ways to pretty up my windows a bit to distract from all the asphalt glory . I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards (all three of them) last weekend a decided that a single girl really doesn’t need 11 coffee mugs. So I upcycled a few random mugs into these fun gold planters.


First take a hammer and whack the handles off. This was my favorite part. You’ll be left with rough spots or a little nub where the handle was. This really doesn’t bother me since they’re backed up to the window. DIYNow find yourself some really-damn-shiny spray paint. I was a little worried this might be too shiny, but it was perfect. Go outside and spray those suckers. One coat was enough for my mugs. DSCN9773Pop over to your favorite home improvement store or green house and pick out a few adorable little succulents and plant them in your now-gold mugs. Cross fingers and hope they don’t die. (I tend to kill succulents…here’s hoping.)

These would be really cute clustered together as a centerpiece on a table too!

DIY: Dipped Wooden Spoons

DIY: Dipped Wooden SpoonsLast weekend I got a handful of kitchen hand-me-downs (thanks Mike and Lindsey!) which included this bunch of wooden spoons. I gave them a little update with some left over paint to add a fun pop of color to my utensil holder. Plus I love a DIY that  I can make with leftover supplies–so pull out your leftover paints and get dipping.

DIY Dipped Wooden SpoonsWhat You Need:
Wooden Spoons

Tape off spoons tightly. Dip the handle end of one spoon into the paint, let excess drip off. Use brush to spread paint in a thin layer up to the edge of the tape. Allow to dry just a bit for five minutes or so. Remove tape to check check paint line. If line isn’t as crisp as you’d like, rewrap slightly higher and paint up farther. I liked the slightly unfinished look of an uneven line, so washi tape worked great for me. But if you want a super-crisp line try painters tape. Place spoon end down in a cup and allow to dry for a few hours.

DIY Dipped Spoons


DIY: Lavender Sugar Scrub

DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub | Tulips & Rain

Dress season is inching closer here in Iowa–you could even argue it’s already arrived with a high of 70 later this week! Which means its time to unleash the legs! But before that happens, a little preparation is necessary–which is where this DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub comes in. I usually start getting my self-tan on sometime  in March–I’m still looking for the perfect self-tanner, let me know if you have suggestions–but before slathering up with tropical-scented tanner a good exfoliation is necessary. A few years ago I found a super simple sugar scrub recipe that’s just as good–if not better–than anything I’ve ever used from beauty shop.

1/2 cup Sugar in the Raw
1/4 cup olive oil
Several drops Essential Lavender Oil

Mix sugar and olive oil together in a small bowl until well combined. Add several drops of lavender oil, until reaching your desired scent potency. I used a generous amount of lavender to cover up the olive oil scent, not that olive oil smells bad, I would just rather smell like lavender. 🙂  I recommend adding a few drops, then giving it a sniff, and so on until you reach a sweet spot.

Use in the shower just as you would any other body scrub. You can substitute regular sugar for Sugar in the Raw and swap out essential oils, this would be wonderful with lemon too!




Radiant Orchid Coffee Stand Makeover

Radiant Orchid I’ve been wanting to paint my coffee stand forever, I gave it a small update last spring–but it was time for something a little bolder. So on one of the warmer afternoons a few weeks ago I took this puppy outside and gave it a few coats of paint.


I’ve been trying to get the ugly brass knob off the drawer for about two years–so I took a hammer to it and finally got it off and replaced it with this fun swirly guy.

 I needed something neutral to contrast with the bright color–it looked a bit like it belonged in a preschool playroom–so  I pulled this gold tray from my coffee table and it did the trick! 

Radiant Orchid

A big bunch of daffodils makes a pretty finishing touch!

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