Balcony Life


A few weeks ago my dad and I hauled every last one of my belongings up two very long flights of stairs to a new unit on the top floor. And (after the trauma of moving passed) it was totally worth it for this beaut! I have no idea how I lived without any outdoor space for two years. The balcony life is the best life!

unnamed (1)Morning coffee with a good read, a stack of magazine in the sunshine. I mean seriously–everything is better on a balcony. I picked this chair up at World Market on sale and its surprisingly comfortable for a wrought iron chair–I owe it to the deep seat and curved back. Pretty sure its out of stock now 😦

unnamedThere’s not really room for two chairs and 90% of the time its just me. My solution–this stool/table/foot rest! It’s actually a pretty comfy seat when leaning on the railing and its great for drinks or kicking me feet up on.

unnamed (2)



Holiday Home Tour

Holiday Home TourI love decorating for the holidays! I spent a good part of Thanksgiving weekend helping decorate my parents house, then came home last Sunday and spent the afternoon decorating my apartment–my desk at work is decorated too! There’s a small part of me that wants to take down all my decorations just so I can put them back up again. (Don’t worry I won’t actually do it. I’m not that crazy.) So come on in and take a look around!

Holiday Home TourMy mom has been wanting a bigger tree for years and finally got one this year, so I got her hand-me-down. (score!) It’s a serious upgrade from my skinny 3-footer of Christmases past. I’ve slowly been collecting ornaments over the past few years–a few from Target, several from when I was a kid  and a few from my mom’s collection. I always thought I would have a “coordinated” Christmas tree right out of Martha’s foyer, but I really like my curated collection of new and old!
Holiday Home Tour

Can we talk about how expensive tree skirts are for a minute? I’ve seen several upwards of $40 and even spotted a $90 one–I mean come on! I don’t even spend that on skirts for myself, let alone a fake tree. So with my Mom’s help I whipped up this one for less than $15. We found a plain felt tree skirt at target for $5. It was pretty lame to begin with but I liked the scalloped edges and the price of course. We picked up 4 yards of pom-poms at Hobby Lobby and my mom sewed them on. It’s perfect with the rest of my decor–and I like it much better than the pricier versions I found.

Holiday Home TourI don’t have a fireplace, so my TV stand serves as my stand-in mantle. I decked it out with garland, lights and straw ornaments. I tucked in the trees I found a Gordmans too. I always like to display holiday cards and I think this will be their home. (And yes, I do put out the card I send too. Its too cute not to!)

Holiday Home TourThis string of knit garland is the most recent addition to the merriment. I’ve been pining after them for several weeks, so when they were on sale at Target this weekend I picked up two strings! Holiday Home Tour

A simple centerpiece for my island.

Holiday Home TourI didn’t do much decorating in my bedroom, just replaced a plant with a sparkly silver tree and strung up a few snowflakes in the windows.

See my 2012 holiday tour in my college apartment here.  


Fall Home Tour

DSCN9035Welcome to my fall home! Come on in and take a look around. DSCN9103This post should probably be titled “How many pumpkins is too many pumpkins?”  At last count I had 17 pumpkins in my 650ish square foot apartment. DSCN9087If you look really close at the first photo you’ll notice that it has my old TV stand in it. But that now lives next to the dumpster, since my dad made this new TV stand for me last weekend. I saw a bookshelf that I loved on the Sherman Hill home tours a few weekends ago. My dad checked it out and determined that it would be pretty easy to make, so that we did! And I love it! 
DSCN8989Moving on to the kitchen. Another pumpkin (of course), my favorite glass candy dish and a bag of local pumpkin spice coffee add a few fall-y touches to my favorite space. I picked up a few autumn scented hands soaps and pulled out my leafy dish towels too. DSCN8998A pop of fall color under crisp local apples.
I though about showing you more of my bedroom, but I decided to wait. The rest is a work in progress. I repainted some artwork and switched out my bedding, but there’s a few more things I want to do before revealing it. But here’s a little peak in the corner. I finally hung a few things up and popped in a few fall touches. I picked up those pretty white gourds (not albino pumpkins, according to my dad) during a visit to Wilson’s Orchard last weekend when I was visiting my parents.

Bedroom Tour


Welcome to my bright, colorful bedroom–with a door and windows and everything! After living in a studio for a year, I so appreciate an actual bedroom. Plus it’s fun to have another space to decorate and dream about. As much as I love my bedroom, I almost feel as if it doesn’t warrant a tour. There’s not a whole lot of anything new or different from my studio (other than there not being a kitchen table near by) but I thought I’d give you a quick cruise anyway. My desk looks exactly the same as it did in my studio, but now I have a much nicer view (a tree-lined street as opposed to a dated, dingy, textured wall) and the afternoon sunlight is just delightful. 


The only change to my bed is the throw pillow. The lumbar pillow I had in my studio was ripping at one of the seams, so I swapped it out for this guy who used to live on my loveseat. I used my old entry table/storage unit for the bedside tables. They’re the perfect height and I like to have room to keep a few books near my bed. I only kept half of the bookshelf from my studio and after a Half-Priced Books purge (I made $16 #happydance) all my books + office supplies fit snuggly inside.


I’ve since popped my little dorm room TV on top of this shelf (I love watching SATC and Friends in bed), but it remains mostly the same. I picked up a new candle—that smells like fall, but doesn’t have a fall name (see what I did there, I’m sneaky like that)—and tucked it in with a few frames and one of my succulents.

{Sidenote: I did way cooler things–like take pics at Navy Pier and frolic about Dutch sunflower fields–when I was 18 than I do now, so all of my photos are really old}


Ahh…it’s so nice to have a room that comes together just like that (insert air snap) when you move. Disclaimer: I never drink coffee in bed. #bloggerlies

I’ll be sharing my ideas and wish list for the space soon!


Kitchen Tour + A Giveaway

DSCN0459I am so excited to share my new apartment with you guys! I am in love with this place. Like really in love. This is the first “nice” apartment I’ve lived. My previous apartments have all been old, dated and/or tiny. This apartment, on the other hand is modern, spacious and thoughtfully designed. Now I can’t take too much credit for the kitchen–it’s pretty fabulous all on it’s own. But loaded with all my kitchen supplies and a few fun accessories it’s perfect! DSCN0464And speaking of accessories–it was perfect timing when Gordmans asked me a few weeks ago if I would go check out some of their home decor. I of course agreed! And they sent me two gift cards, one of which I’m going to give away to one of you guys! (Keep reading to find out how to enter.) 2014-07-19I knew that I wanted canisters for my new kitchen. For years I used a set of really sad DIY canisters, then got rid of them when I moved into my studio. And these guys–with the fun chalkboard labels and bright red lids–were perfect. And a great price! Canisters can get so expensive, but these three puppies came in at just $20 leaving me a few more to spend. Which got me the cutest set of ceramic measuring cups. I love that they’re pretty enough to leave out. They’re always just a reach a way for quick measurements, like coffee. (Thanks Gordmans!)DSCN0482I still had a set of the 50th Anniversary Andy Warhol soup cans from a few years back. I removed the label and framed and matted them for a very kitchen-appropriate pop of color. Now seeing as custom mating is even more expensive than canisters, I matted them myself with a sheet of poster board–hence no closeup pictures displaying my excellent matting skills 😉 And a few bright new kitchen linens and citrus-y soaps polished it off! DSCN0467Now. For the good stuff. As I said I have a $25 Gordmans gift card to give away to one of you! There’s two ways to enter. 

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DSCN9893I don’t have my own outdoor space, so I just took over the front stoop of my apartment building. (I pulled out my cheapy $9 patio chairs and popped ’em out there. And my mom helped me pick out a few plants a few weeks ago. I stopped by Home Depot to pick up a few more this weekend to fill my remaining pots.

DSCN9896I’m so excited to for them to get all full and bushy–I’ll be sure to share when they do!

DSCN9901These are the ones I planted a few weeks ago, they’re already looking nice and full.

Studio Life: Arranging Furniture

When I signed the lease for my studio almost a year ago, the first thing I did was rush to Pinterest and Apartment Therapy to start searching for the best way to arrange my furniture. I spent a lot of time piecing together photos of home tours to try to figure out the layout and it was a major score when I found actual floor plans with furniture in them. So I thought it was about time I shared my own.L-shaped Studio Arrangment Above is my current layout. I absolutely love it! I rearranged a few weeks ago my apartment feels less cramped and brighter. I use the rug under my table to designate the dining area and backed my love seat up to the end of my bed to create a little bit of division between the two areas.
L-shaped Studio ArrangmentThis is how I arranged my studio when I first moved in and how it stayed for almost a year. While I’m loving my new arrangement so much more than this one, there’s still some serious pros here. I used my bookshelf to section off the larger portion of my space into a bedroom area and living area. They truly felt like two separate spaces (at least as much as they could without a wall in between).  I liked that I couldn’t see my bed from the dining table and vice-versa. And with my love seat jutting out from the wall, it created a nice barrier between the dining area and living area, which also felt like two separate spaces. But when you only have 375 sq. feet to work with, separate spaces can start to feel small and cramped. I was tired of the acrobatics it took to get my bed made in the morning and I had run into my bookshelf a few too many times. But I think this might be an ideal arrangement if you were sharing a studio with someone (big time props to those who share studios btw, I can’t even imagine), then you could feel like you had a little bit of your own space.

*Floor plans are not exactly to scale