Me to We Maasai Moc

IMG_0718Beaded mocs have been on my Fall Wishlist for months. And I LOVE this pair that I picked up a few weeks ago. When I got them home I was pleasantly surprised to find a card inside the box explaining that the moccasins were beaded by a Maasai woman in Kenya with the Me to We Maasai Moc program.

Since watching The True Cost  earlier this summer I’ve been thinking more about how and why we consume goods and where and how they are made. I’ve become more interested in companies like The Little Market, that source their goods for skilled women in developing countries. So it was awesome see a product already on my list is doing this cool thing! Check out the Me to We site to learn more about the women and the work they’re doing.



Black + White

black and white

Every season I get closer to entirely eliminating color in my wardrobe.Life is just so much easier when all of your clothes go together. And man, I feel so put together when I wear black and white.

When I started thinking about what I wanted for my warm weather wear this year I had in mind a loose, white top–flowy, but with a touch of structure. And a few weeks ago I found just that at Gap! Pair with black skinnies, pointed flats, giant sunnies and feel French (until you get to the office and remember you work in insurance).

Maxi dresses make me feel like a goddess and the extra-long full skirt on this one is wonderful.

I missed out on the spring version of this stripped swing dress, so when the summer one popped up a few days ago straight to my shopping cart it went!

I’ve been wearing the same cut of jeans for a couple years now from Gap, but when I started looking for a white pair earlier this season I tried Gap’s girlfriend jeans and I LOVE them. I’m thinking about a blue pair for fall.

I love a good swing dress. Trying to decide if I can get away with this one at work.

Clever Tees


Raygun | Home T | Hello Apparel 
I’ve had SUCH a hankering for graphic tees lately. I’ve been living in my Home T in public and in a two-sizes-two-small Raygun tee from freshman year in private lately. I want more. so. bad. But I need to stop wearing pithy tees to work and I’m working on the whole being happy with what I have, not spending unnecessary money thing lately. Because I want to buy a couch and maybe condo sometime in the foreseeable (and less foreseeable in regards to the condo) future.

My solution is to blog about all the adorable tees I want to buy instead of actually buying them. Good solution right?! The likelihood of this working is slim…but I’ll keep you updated.

As I mentioned before I seriously heart my Home T. Its so soft, and fits perfect and is long enough to make leggings work appropriate. (Yes–I wear leggings and tees to work and yes–it is questionable, unless I do it on Fridays-Fridays are free-for-alls. Dress Codes are a strong point for me) I want their new home print, because clearly no one yet knows what state I call home.

Raygun is the bom dot com when it comes to being a hip and trendy Des Moines citizen. They’re so darn clever. I saw a little girl wearing the umberella tee at Starbucks a couple Saturdays ago and I was seriously envious. The entire family was sporting Raygun–it was pretty precious.

Even though I’m no longer an Ames resident 😦  I can totally vouch for that shirt. The water is the best. I do miss it.

I’m a sucker for the changing of season and spring blooms and fireflies are singing the tune of warmer days to come. And come on–they’re just too cute.

Fall Nail Color Lineup

Fall Nail Color

I’ve been trying to minimize my nail polish collection for a long time. I feel like every few months for the past couple of years I’ve purged at least a handful of nail polish bottles, but somehow I still have a ridiculous–albeit less than before–amount of nail polish. So I’ve decided to create a capsule nail polish collection of sorts. I’m going to wear only these five shades for the entire season. I might give it a little refresh in January and perhaps switch out a shade or two, but maybe I can make it all the way until the Spring lineup.
DSCN0754I devised a plan of five shades that should translate easily into other seasons. I chose two neutrals, two colors and a fun shade. I think with these five shades I should be able to satisfy my nail polishing needs with out ending up with a handful of new, barely used colors at the end of the season.

Fun Shade: Zoya Livingston

Dark Color: Julep Judi

Light Color: Essie Fall in Line

Light Neutral: Essie Chinchilly

Dark Neutral: OPI Black Onyx

What colors are you wearing this fall?

In My {Fall} Bag

In My {Fall} BagI LOVE  In My Bag posts. Seriously, I can’t get enough of them. I don’t even really know why I love them some much, maybe it’s just my creeper side coming out–wanting to know what other people carry and use day-to-day.  And since I just got a new bag that I love and I’ve gathered and replaced a few fun things inside of it I though I’d share a fall version of In My Bag–heck, maybe I’ll do this every season!

Okay, let’s start with the bag. First I wanted this bag. Like really wanted it. It’s adorable and would probably last until the end of time. But it costs almost as much as my rent. Not practical or even possible really. Then I found this bag. Classic, simple and great quality. Half the price of the first bag, but still quite a splurge. So when I came across this cross-body satchel for a reasonable $54 I was sold! Well actually I left the mall empty-handed and decided if I still wanted it the next day I would come back. So I went on a little mall run pre-Zumba last week. Then spent the entire Zumba class worried that someone stole it out of my car–sometimes I have irrational thoughts like that. But if local newscasters in Des Moines like to talk about anything, they like to talk about theft in gym parking lots.

It’s a wonderful size–comfortably fits my day-to-day essentials with plenty of room to tuck in a snack or book when necessary.

Fall Capsule Wardrobe {Planning}

DSCN8793Earlier this year I found Un-Fancy and was introduced to capsule wardrobes. I took a soft-core approach to the idea with my summer wardrobe and thinned it down to around 40 items–give or take a few–I never really did an official count. And only purchased a pair of shorts and few tank tops all summer long. I loved it! I got rid of a ton of clutter, either donating or tossing several bags of unworn clothes and accessories.  I still have a few bags of off-season maybes and items I love but, don’t fit they way they used to (perhaps they will soon with my new gym membership). I’m hoping to either incorporate or eliminate them over the next year.

So for the fall season I’m in the midst of creating a true capsule wardrobe. I’d been moving along swimmingly with the purchase of a few pairs of (great fitting) skinnies, a cozy cardi, a new pair of flats and the like. Last weekend I packed away the last of my summer clothes and ruthlessly weeded through the cold-weather wear I pulled out and hung everything that made the cut.
DSCN8798And now I’ve realized this may be a little harder than I though. Barely a week into my wardrobe I’m already a little bored with it. It leaves a bit to be desired. BUT the good news is, after the ruthless weeding mentioned above, I still have room for a few more items. So in favor of creating a truly satisfying capsule wardrobe that I love and feel good in without any useless clutter, I set to some serious work (my life is so hard right!?). I printed out the Un-Fancy Capsule Wardrobe Planner and started to define and refine my “style vision”.
As much as I love wearing all black and gray, especially in the colder months, I realized that my wardrobe needed some color. I already had a berry sweater dress and flowy dark green top in my closet, so I thought I’d round out my wardrobe with a few more items in those shades. I’d like a few more tops–that can be worn alone, without layering–and a skirt perhaps. I’ve been pinning possibilities to my Fall Fashion board.

Hopefully I’ll be able to share my complete wardrobe in a few weeks! Do you plan out your seasonal wardrobes? Or just wing it?

Packing Lightly: 3 Day Weekend

lllAsk anyone who has been anywhere with me and they’ll be quick to tell you that I am not one to travel lightly. And I would have wholeheartedly agreed with them–until now! Look at me with my one tiny pink suitcase. #happydance. Okay, full disclaimer it’s much easier to pack lightly during the warmer months–lord knows if I could manage this is December. But hey, its not December so resume #happydance.
2014-05-21Ok, now I know that according to pretty much every pin on pinterest the key to packing lightly is repeating pieces. But the thing about traveling during warmer months to even warmer places is that once a grey tee has been worn for 12 hours its highly unlikely that it’s suitable to be worn again–at least by my standards. (read: sweat, stretch, spills) So the only things repeated here are shoes and the cross body (only pictured once but worn throughout).

Travel Day/Arrive: Jersey dress + knotted tee + flip flops for airport comfort and ease.

Travel Day/ Depart: Cropped leggings + soft tee + cardi for early morning departure.

Day 1: Cuffed skinny jeans + slouchy tee + flip flops for exploring the city.

Day 2: T-shirt dress + scarf + sandals for more exploring.

Going Out: Simple jersey sundress + sandals + bling for drinks

Pool Time: Bikini + coverup + flip flops + shades for a little dip


So here it all is plus toiletries, PJs and unmentionables.  DSCN9962Liquids tucked away in front for safe keeping. DSCN9960And it all fit in one carry-on size suitcase. #happydance.

CLEARLY I don’t have enough stuff packed. I probably need another sweater, and half zip–because I love them–and maybe some flats–just in case. Oh and SLIPPERS FOR THE PLANE.

Hi, My name is Angela and I have a problem.

Happy Travels!