Living Room Update

DSCN0679Things are happening in my living room. Purple things specifically. A few weekends ago I picked up a sample of plum  paint and boy did that little $3 sample go far. I painted two chairs, three canvases and my gold succulent pots. I also picked up these  floor poufs from Target–love them and two pillows from Pier 1. Then I did some measuring and rearranging. My furniture now lies in the realitive layout of the size of sectional that I want. Now I just have to find it.
DSCN0678I’m still hunting for a couch AND doing/planning/shopping for a slew of other things. I think I have a TV stand nailed down–three 4×4 Kallax shelves with baskets. I’m considering a rug and tossing around the idea of window coverings. I also have a plan to transform my (currently empty) entry area into a foyer/dining nook/additional seating. More on that soon.



Bathroom Plans: 3 Ideas

My bathroom actually falls pretty far down on the list of things to do and decorate in my new apartment. But as part of my whole minimalism/authentic living thing, I’m trying to only bring things I truly love into my home, which requires some thought and planning. And man if I love anything I love a good plan.

And I thought I already had a plan for my bathroom. I wanted to do all white with feminine and spa-like touches here and there. But when I set out to find all things white, feminine and spa-like for my bathroom I started finding other things I loved too. So here’s three possible décor scenarios—with the beigey color of my walls and the black and white floors.


First, the aforementioned lady-like, all-white, tranquil bathroom. I just love the idea of having all white towels. It seems so luxurious and classy. (I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m all about the luxury and class ;)) I’ve always wanted to do something like this, but I’ve never had a bathroom that it would work with. In my previous WCs I’ve had to use bright, splashy colors to distract from the water damaged cabinets and painfully dated fixtures or simply the sheer tiny-ness of the space. But with my new bathroom I have plenty of room filled with updated, good-condition bath necessities just begging to be adorned it lush white classiness.
rich color

The older I get (can a 23-year-old say that?) the less color I wear. I like how I look in neutral colors and when all of your clothes are in the family of black, white and gray everything goes together. Its great. But when it comes to my home I’m all about the color (’bout the color, ’bout the color–no neutrals!). I found the towels here first. I was browsing through World Market for all things lush and white and these rich, bold beauties called out to me. And since one towel (ONE TOWEL) costs $16 I knew I’d need supplement with some trusty ($4) Target towels in that supple purple hue. Now…I don’t know if this actually qualified as bohemian–but it’s a nice piece of vocabulary and I didn’t know how else to describe the bamboo bath mat-metallic bath accessories combo.

blue yellowThis scheme is the meet-in-the-middle of the previous two. Crisp and clean white and blue with fun pops of bright yellow. I already have some pretty blue bath accessories. And I found this adorable pom-pom-trimmed shower curtain at Pottery Barn–but at $50 (on sale) there’s just no way. So I started searching for some similar options and found this striped version–and I’m a girl that can get on board with some nice stripes.  Plus–I can still get my lush white towels with this plan.
 What’s your fave?

Bedroom Tour Part II: Plans!

I think this is my favorite part of decorating: updating and refining a room that is already “done”. If I’m being realistic here, by the time I actually get to refining my bedroom, after completing the rest of the things on my To Do and To Decorate list I’ll probably go in an entirely different direction. BUT if I were to update it today (with a rather large budget–because who likes to dream on a realistic budget!?) this is what I would do. bedroom plans

First off, the bed. I love my mix-and-match bedding, but my sheets could use a replacing. They’re a cheap-y set I picked up at TJMaxx and after less than a year they’re already pretty worn.  I want to stick with the fuchsia hue, but maybe go with a subtle print like these ones from PBTeen.

At some point I feel like I should really have headboard. After all, adults have headboards right? I love this simple gray one from West Elm and it would be bomb flanked with matching lamps. These ones from Pier 1 are on sale this month! I think about buying them every time I work.

Ok, let’s shift to my work space now. My little desk that I got for my very first apartment is working nicely, but I’d like to upgrade to a larger Parson’s desk. My current desk chair is adorable, but it has the ugliest cheap metal legs–and it’s not actually all that comfortable. This upholstered chair would complement the headboard nicely and a classic carpenter lamp would be a slightly-masculine touch to my very feminine bedroom.

Black and white is my go-to. For everything. I have black and white dishes, I had black and white bedding forever, and um, have you seen my closet? (well actually you probably haven’t–but there’s not much color in there). And since there’s really no place for it in my living room plans I knew it would be perfect here. Every self-respecting-hip-young-and-trendy furniture supplier has some version of this black and white stripped rug and it would be the perfect replacement for the shaggy gray rug I have now.

And finally that fabulous, oversize leaning mirror. I haven’t found a specific one yet, but I just love the idea of a giant mirror leaning against the wall in place of my teeny one. Tres Chic! (<— please. use a French accent when you read that)


Living Room Plans

Slide1Oh my living room!  I get so excited when I think about decorating it. For the most part it’s a blank slate–well actually its a burnt orange slate with a sad slip-covered love seat and beautiful new floor lamp.

So here’s the story: When I signed the lease for my apartment I though that the accent wall was going to be a steely blue. Then I got the keys and skipped into my beautiful new apartment then just about lost my lunch when I saw the behemoth that was my new ORANGE accent wall. I’m not an orange girl. I’m a cool-colors-black-and-white-accented-with-BRIGHTS type of girl. The warm, burnt orange was not me.

Easy fix: I’ll paint! Well…my landlord told me I couldn’t. Psh who listens to their landlord: I’ll do it anyway! Well then my dad (who happens to apparently like burnt orange) came to help me move and convinced me that painting really wasn’t a very good idea. He also pointed out my love of all things fall and if that wall is anything it is a fall color. So I started to come around to the wall. And now that I’m a few weeks in I actually kind of like the wall. Okay. I really like the wall. It’s so cozy and man it is going to look FABULOUS with all the pumpkins that will be living in my apartment in a few short weeks.

So, as you can see above in my nifty little “color story” I’m going to go with a plum-y purple and burnt orange scheme with just the subtlest of green accents–mostly in the form of house plants. 
I had every intention of purchasing myself a new, adult couch from a real, grown up furniture store. Then I bought a car. So my couch purchase is on hold for a few more months. But the good news is that gives me more time to plan and shop and dream.

I was set on a gray sectional. And I found one that I loved but of course it was way over priced and had really questionable online reviews (I wrote this. Then I went to find the link for sofa and discovered it’s now 40% off…not so over priced now. Strokes chin contemplatively.) But a smallish sectional is still at the top of my list. Here’s the thing–I’m just one person and I live alone (bliss) so I feel like I shouldn’t have more than one piece of furniture to sit on. Is that weird? #girlcode.

Last weekend my mom got me a new floor lamp for birthday–which does wonderful things for the space already. Anyhow, on the box there was a picture of the lamp beside an oversize cream chair with a matching ottoman. It was calling out to me. So I’ve thrown the possibility of a couch and oversize chair combo into the mix. 

pillowsPillows. My favorite home decor item. Of all time. They’re fluffy, versatile, affordable and did I mention fluffy? I have the three on the bottom already and the two on top would round out my color scheme nicely while adding texture for visual interest. (<— that’ s lingo I use at my part-time retail job to make customers thing I know what I’m talking about. Shh…don’t tell.)
UntitledRefer back to the layouts above for just a second. See with the sectional I have a round coffee table with a floor pouf. I stole the idea from Inspired by Charm. I just love it. And Target has these fab poufs just spilling all over the place. They would make nice extra seating (because you know I have more than seven people at my apartment ALL THE TIME…) or a good foot rest. AND it’s like a mini dining room table (appropriate only for 20-somethings of course. Don’t worry I’ll get a real table sometime in the next seven years.)

Phew, I can hardly believe you made it through all that. *HIGH FIVE* Do you have any thoughts, or suggestions about my living room plans? Tell me! Tell me please! Did you just look at the pictures and skip all the ramblings? It’s okay I do it too. 😉