DIY Gold Potted Succulents

DIY My apartment is garden-level (which is the fancier–and my preferred–term for basement apartments) so that means I have an up-close-and-personal view of my parking lot. I’ve been trying to come up with ways to pretty up my windows a bit to distract from all the asphalt glory . I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards (all three of them) last weekend a decided that a single girl really doesn’t need 11 coffee mugs. So I upcycled a few random mugs into these fun gold planters.


First take a hammer and whack the handles off. This was my favorite part. You’ll be left with rough spots or a little nub where the handle was. This really doesn’t bother me since they’re backed up to the window. DIYNow find yourself some really-damn-shiny spray paint. I was a little worried this might be too shiny, but it was perfect. Go outside and spray those suckers. One coat was enough for my mugs. DSCN9773Pop over to your favorite home improvement store or green house and pick out a few adorable little succulents and plant them in your now-gold mugs. Cross fingers and hope they don’t die. (I tend to kill succulents…here’s hoping.)

These would be really cute clustered together as a centerpiece on a table too!

DIY: Dipped Wooden Spoons

DIY: Dipped Wooden SpoonsLast weekend I got a handful of kitchen hand-me-downs (thanks Mike and Lindsey!) which included this bunch of wooden spoons. I gave them a little update with some left over paint to add a fun pop of color to my utensil holder. Plus I love a DIY that  I can make with leftover supplies–so pull out your leftover paints and get dipping.

DIY Dipped Wooden SpoonsWhat You Need:
Wooden Spoons

Tape off spoons tightly. Dip the handle end of one spoon into the paint, let excess drip off. Use brush to spread paint in a thin layer up to the edge of the tape. Allow to dry just a bit for five minutes or so. Remove tape to check check paint line. If line isn’t as crisp as you’d like, rewrap slightly higher and paint up farther. I liked the slightly unfinished look of an uneven line, so washi tape worked great for me. But if you want a super-crisp line try painters tape. Place spoon end down in a cup and allow to dry for a few hours.

DIY Dipped Spoons


DIY: Home Wall Art

DIY Home Wall Art | Tulips & RainI thought up this DIY while laying in bed a few Saturday nights ago–and then actually got out of bed and laid everything out so I wouldn’t forget my plan. All of the supplies are leftovers from DIYs I’ve done recently and I glittered the frame last year on a whim–leaving me alone with glitter is a dangerous thing. 😉  There’s so many ways you can go with this. I chose to spell out home because I needed some entry way art (and I had all the letters for it) but you could also do a name, phrase or any other word that strikes your fancy.

DIY Home Wall Art | Tulips & Rain

What you need:
Printed cardstock
Wooden letters
Felt hearts
DIY Home Wall Art | Tulips & Trim card stock to fit your frame. Attach hearts to cardstock–these ones are adhesive, but you could also glue them. Glue letters atop hearts. Frame and enjoy!

DIY: Frosted Glass Vase

DIY Frosted Glass Vase | Tulips & RainI needed something to spruce up my go-to flower vase, the shape and size are perfect, but it was just a little bleh. So when I saw this DIY on A Beautiful Mess, I had just the idea to make it my own–subtle, but oh so fun, polka dots!

DIY Frosted Glass Vase | Tulips & RainWhat  you need:
A plain glass vase
Glass Frosting Spray Paint
Round Stickers

DIY Frosted Glass Vase | Tulips & RainApply the stickers to vase. I didn’t want perfect edges on the dots, so I didn’t press them on too hard. Spray a thin layer of paint all over the vase.  Let dry for about an hour. Peel off stickers.

DIY Frosted Glass Vase | Tulips & Rain

Voila! A pretty new vase.

DIY: State Love Wall Art

DIY State Love Wall Art | Tulips & Rain This weekend I was in eastern Iowa to attend a housewarming celebration for two of my friends who moved in together earlier this month. I wanted to give them something personal and homemade and I thought this might be just the thing!

DIY State Love Wall Art | Tulips & Rain

What you need:
This Picture Frame, or a similar one,  or a small piece of wood
Felt Heart
Mod Podge
Sponge brush

Carefully cut out your state of choice–be sure to coordinate the size of your map so that the state will fit on the surface. Brush a thin layer of mod podge on the back of the state. Lay state on wood and carefully smooth it down, avoiding wrinkles and air bubbles. I used a damp q-tip to wipe away any excess mod podge from the edges.

DIY State Love Wall Art | Tulips & RainFind the city you want to feature, in this case Cedar Rapids, and affix the heart right on top of it. I used a felt sticker which was super easy, you could also use mod podge. 

DIY State Love Wall Art | Tulips & RainBrush a layer of Mod Podge on the back of the letters and attach to wood. Since I used raised letters I needed to even out the surface so the glass would lay flat. I used a number 1 from the same pack of letters and attached  it to the opposite side of the frame.

DIY State Love Wall Art | Tulips & Rain

DIY Greeting Cards

DIY Greeting Cards | Tulips & RainOne of the things I look forward to most about preparing for holidays and celebrations is finding the perfect greeting card.

DIY Greeting Cards | Tulips & RainOn a recent trip to Michael’s to pick up supplies for a different DIY (that failed,  I now have some really ugly hand painted pillows) I picked up a pack of printed cardstock on a whim.

DIY Greeting Cards | Tulips & RainThe fun part about making your own greeting cards is how much you can personalize them!  Add the house number to a housewarming card or include the age on a birthday card, after all how often do you find a Happy 24th Birthday card?

DIY Greeting Cards | Tulips & RainThe meat-and-potatoes of this DIY is a glue pen (I used Martha Stewart Fine Tip Glue Pen) and fine glitter. Just write a message then sprinkle with glitter. Easy-peasy! I embellished a few with stickers and washi tape too.

January Faves

Don’t you feel like you’ve really accomplished something when the end of January comes? The longest, bleakest month of the year is already through! I prefer colder weather, but the change and new-ness of spring is still very enticing and the end of January means it is inching closer! But before I get ahead of myself, here’s a few of my faves from the first month of 2014. January Faves | Tulips & Rain

I finally got around to reading Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close and I loved  it! Chick Lit at its finest, Jennifer sings the tune of 20-something single girls perfectly!
January Faves | Tulips & Rain

These colorful macaroons make a pin to pine for!

January Faves | Tulips & Rain

This is perhaps the most adorable DIY I’ve ever seen.

January Faves | Tulips & Rain

I look at lot of home tours. If a blog, link or pin has the phrase home tour in it–I am going to click on it. This one from the Everygirl is fantastic! Kendall Rogers lives in a standard, new-build townhouse and she transformed it into a beautiful and unique home! I adore it, must read for sure!

January Faves | Tulips & Rain

I stumbled upon Katie’s Bliss through Pinterest and it’s quickly become a daily read. And I’ve been drooling over her Tory Burch bag all month.

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