DIY Gold Potted Succulents

DIY My apartment is garden-level (which is the fancier–and my preferred–term for basement apartments) so that means I have an up-close-and-personal view of my parking lot. I’ve been trying to come up with ways to pretty up my windows a bit to distract from all the asphalt glory . I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards (all three of them) last weekend a decided that a single girl really doesn’t need 11 coffee mugs. So I upcycled a few random mugs into these fun gold planters.


First take a hammer and whack the handles off. This was my favorite part. You’ll be left with rough spots or a little nub where the handle was. This really doesn’t bother me since they’re backed up to the window. DIYNow find yourself some really-damn-shiny spray paint. I was a little worried this might be too shiny, but it was perfect. Go outside and spray those suckers. One coat was enough for my mugs. DSCN9773Pop over to your favorite home improvement store or green house and pick out a few adorable little succulents and plant them in your now-gold mugs. Cross fingers and hope they don’t die. (I tend to kill succulents…here’s hoping.)

These would be really cute clustered together as a centerpiece on a table too!