Bring in a Little Blue

I picked out my bedding (that now dictates the color scheme of my bedroom) when I went home for the summer after freshman year. My parents let me paint the walls of my room a deep blue with just a hint of violet and man, do I miss those walls.

Summer 2010--bedroom at my parent's house

I love black, white, pink and blue together, but I don’t think my landlord would be too keen on me painting the walls, so I’ve been pulling some inspiration from pintereset (what did we do before that existed???)

I love how crisp this is, all the colors pop so well against one another.

This is a super nifty little tool from Sherwin-Williams called Chip It! You can upload a photo and it pulls paint samples from it. Not really applicable for my situation, put a girl can dream. I love this print from etsy.

I like the teal-y-er wall color here.

And again here. Hmm…well I guess it looks like I just really want to paint my wall blue…I need to do some more work to figure out how to achieve some blue without paint….well…back to work I go!


Spring Cravings

Spring is just around the corner! There is snow on the ground here in Iowa, but in no time at all I’ll be frolicking around in flowing dresses and toting my belongings in bright bags. Here’s a few things on my Spring wish list.

LC Lauren Conrad

I love this LC Lauren Conrad dress from Kohls. The print is a fun pop of color and the flowy cut along with an elastic waistband spells comfort to me!

A metallic wedge (only $25 from Target) and bangles add a little texture and glamour. A timless fossil satchel goes with everything of course. Top with a sweet necklace like this one from Juicy Couture.

I saw this Nine West tote at Younkers the other day and I am in love! It would be great for carrying books to class during the last few weeks of school and transition perfectly into a summer carry-all. It is definitely at the top of my wish list.

American Eagle jeans fit me best and this cropped pair is great for Spring. Pair with a cheery, casual tee like this one from DVF (how glam is that? A DVF tee!) I love these Madden Girl flats and those Kate Spade rings are adorable.

This simple necklace from is very suitable for me! It would be a great accessory for an everyday outfit like the one below.

White shorts are one of my favorite things to wear in warm weather, mostly because they make my legs look tan. Pair with a neutral top and a wide belt. These braided sandals are another great target find. Only $15!



Open House: My Little Kitchen

I live in an apartment complex with two buildings. All of the apartments in one of the buildings have updated kitchens, I live in the other building. But I make due and actually really like my dated kitchen. I really want to put colorful knobs on the cupboards, but I don’t think my landlord would be too pumped about me drilling holes in them.

My Stove is teeny and a bit vintage. I lovingly refer to it as my easy bake oven.

My fridge is also very petite, but it is just right for me and it is new! I taped pictures from my trip to Spain on the door to add a little color. My canisters were a DIY that you can find here and the jar holding the brown sugar used to have a candle in it.

What? Is that another mini appliance? I think it is! There’s a little bit of a theme to my kitchen I guess. I really like the two levels of the counter. It makes a great place to stash bread and chips!

Let Them Eat Cake

I like to think of my self as a professional pinner. I find recipes on pinterest all the time and some turn out better than others, but this one was especially magical. The recipe for THE BEST chocolate cake comes from I haven’t found a homemade frosting that  I really like yet and my electric mixer gets very upset with me if I do more than mix eggs with him, so I opted for canned frosting. In between the layers I used Betty Crocker triple chocolate chip. The outside is Pilsbury pink funfetti.

I made a stencil out of aluminum foil for the precious little heart. That was my favorite part.

Open House: Bedroom Tour

As promised, here’s the first part of my new apartment tour. It won’t take to long seeing as my home is a whopping 530 square feet, but I love it.

My bed is perfect to sink into after a long day of class and work. I drew the line at nine pillows, I decided that was plenty especially considering I only sleep on one. The white euro pillows in the back were a DIY project last fall. I bought inserts and made covers for them out of a white sheet. It was much cheaper than purchasing them already made. The throw pillows are all from Target.  I purchased the bedding set a few years ago when Target had their Liberty of London collaboration. I miss that one.

And yes, that is a dying plant in the corner. It was a fabulous palm. I am hoping it comes back to life soon.

The arrangement above my bed was of course inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s bedroom makeover in the first SATC movie.

This is my makeshift vanity area. At my parent’s house I had a fantastic antique vanity, but it didn’t really go with the rest of my things so I popped on over to Target like always and found these stack-able itso cubes.  The shelves are movable and there are a variety of bins in different shapes and sizes which is great for organisation.

This desk was a pretty cheap find at Bed Bath & Beyond for around $60. There was originally a hutch that I removed and now use for shoe storage in my closet. I try to re-purpose things for organization. My pencil holder is an old candle jar and the boxes behind my laptop are CD holders.

For years I have been plastering my walls with pages from magazines. When I moved to this apartment I decided I was finally too old for that, but about two weeks in I really missed it. This is my attempt at a more sophisticated version. It’s simply string tacked to the wall with paper clips to hold things up.

Apartment Wish List

I’ve been in my new apartment for almost two months now and am loving it. There is still a lot I want to do, but with my budget and schedule most of it won’t happen for a while. Pictures to come soon, I just need a nice sunny day to take photos. Spring please come soon! Here is just a few things I would love to have in my apartment, most of which I cannot afford, but someday.

West Elm

I would love a pendant like this one over my bed. This one is from West Elm and is on special today for $103! Not exactly a college girl price, but hey I can dream.


This print from Jen Ramos is adorable and so fitting! I want it for my kitchen. Ramos is one of my favorite bloggers you can find this print and her blog at her website,MadeByGirl.

Apartment Therapy

I can’t wait for spring and fresh flowers. My mom has tons of peonies in her yard and I’ll bring some back to my apartment when they bloom around June.

I currently have a four cup coffee maker. The small size if great for my small kitchen and I love it because it was a graduation gift from my good friend Kate, but lately I’ve been filling it two, sometimes three times a day. I think it’s time for a big girl coffee maker. And this one is so cheery in hot pink. You can find it on

I always drool over these Zak Designs bowls in Younkers and now they have them at Target too! The universe (retail world) wants me to have them!

West Elm

I saved the best for last. I would sell my soul for one of these West Elm floor poufs. I love them! I think my friends would really appreciate them too seeing as I have a love seat and a couch and more than two friends. Someday I will own a $250 floor pillow, that will be the day!

Cool, Calm and Collected

I love simple interiors, but I have never been able to pull them off, my apartment is a hodge-podge of bold florals, bright colors and tons of pictures. My bestie Molly is a pro at simple design, so when I visited her last week I insisted on taking photos of her bedroom.

Subtle splashes of color keep the color scheme relaxing

Displays of  jewelry and pretty perfumes make simple and practical decor.

                                                                                                  I love this little table right inside the door. It is the perfect place for keys and change.