DIY Greeting Cards

DIY Greeting Cards | Tulips & RainOne of the things I look forward to most about preparing for holidays and celebrations is finding the perfect greeting card.

DIY Greeting Cards | Tulips & RainOn a recent trip to Michael’s to pick up supplies for a different DIY (that failed,  I now have some really ugly hand painted pillows) I picked up a pack of printed cardstock on a whim.

DIY Greeting Cards | Tulips & RainThe fun part about making your own greeting cards is how much you can personalize them!  Add the house number to a housewarming card or include the age on a birthday card, after all how often do you find a Happy 24th Birthday card?

DIY Greeting Cards | Tulips & RainThe meat-and-potatoes of this DIY is a glue pen (I used Martha Stewart Fine Tip Glue Pen) and fine glitter. Just write a message then sprinkle with glitter. Easy-peasy! I embellished a few with stickers and washi tape too.