DIY: Dipped Wooden Spoons

DIY: Dipped Wooden SpoonsLast weekend I got a handful of kitchen hand-me-downs (thanks Mike and Lindsey!) which included this bunch of wooden spoons. I gave them a little update with some left over paint to add a fun pop of color to my utensil holder. Plus I love a DIY that  I can make with leftover supplies–so pull out your leftover paints and get dipping.

DIY Dipped Wooden SpoonsWhat You Need:
Wooden Spoons

Tape off spoons tightly. Dip the handle end of one spoon into the paint, let excess drip off. Use brush to spread paint in a thin layer up to the edge of the tape. Allow to dry just a bit for five minutes or so. Remove tape to check check paint line. If line isn’t as crisp as you’d like, rewrap slightly higher and paint up farther. I liked the slightly unfinished look of an uneven line, so washi tape worked great for me. But if you want a super-crisp line try painters tape. Place spoon end down in a cup and allow to dry for a few hours.

DIY Dipped Spoons