Bathroom Plans: 3 Ideas

My bathroom actually falls pretty far down on the list of things to do and decorate in my new apartment. But as part of my whole minimalism/authentic living thing, I’m trying to only bring things I truly love into my home, which requires some thought and planning. And man if I love anything I love a good plan.

And I thought I already had a plan for my bathroom. I wanted to do all white with feminine and spa-like touches here and there. But when I set out to find all things white, feminine and spa-like for my bathroom I started finding other things I loved too. So here’s three possible décor scenarios—with the beigey color of my walls and the black and white floors.


First, the aforementioned lady-like, all-white, tranquil bathroom. I just love the idea of having all white towels. It seems so luxurious and classy. (I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m all about the luxury and class ;)) I’ve always wanted to do something like this, but I’ve never had a bathroom that it would work with. In my previous WCs I’ve had to use bright, splashy colors to distract from the water damaged cabinets and painfully dated fixtures or simply the sheer tiny-ness of the space. But with my new bathroom I have plenty of room filled with updated, good-condition bath necessities just begging to be adorned it lush white classiness.
rich color

The older I get (can a 23-year-old say that?) the less color I wear. I like how I look in neutral colors and when all of your clothes are in the family of black, white and gray everything goes together. Its great. But when it comes to my home I’m all about the color (’bout the color, ’bout the color–no neutrals!). I found the towels here first. I was browsing through World Market for all things lush and white and these rich, bold beauties called out to me. And since one towel (ONE TOWEL) costs $16 I knew I’d need supplement with some trusty ($4) Target towels in that supple purple hue. Now…I don’t know if this actually qualified as bohemian–but it’s a nice piece of vocabulary and I didn’t know how else to describe the bamboo bath mat-metallic bath accessories combo.

blue yellowThis scheme is the meet-in-the-middle of the previous two. Crisp and clean white and blue with fun pops of bright yellow. I already have some pretty blue bath accessories. And I found this adorable pom-pom-trimmed shower curtain at Pottery Barn–but at $50 (on sale) there’s just no way. So I started searching for some similar options and found this striped version–and I’m a girl that can get on board with some nice stripes.  Plus–I can still get my lush white towels with this plan.
 What’s your fave?

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